Arriving in New Zealand

We’d left the UK armed with a binder full of evidence to support our Working Holiday Visa, which I would still recommend to anyone doing the same. Like most people I have spoken to though, we wizzed through immigration/security without even a stamp thanks to our electronic passports! That proved to be a bit of a pain for Rob, who was told he needed a stamp to verify the start date of his visa for his new employers – a boarding card worked just fine in the end though.

Day one in New Zealand, Auckland.

After getting some wood checked out (all cleared, thanks Rosslyn 🙂 ) we were out and on our way. If I look like I’m struggling to keep my eyes open in this photo, it’s because I was! I did not sleep on any of our flights.

We caught the supershuttle to The Attic Backpackers, which was perfect for a one night stay. Not far from Queen Street, and just one block from the Sky City bus terminal. We had looked at driving down to Wellington, but couldn’t really argue with Intercity offering us $1 tickets (for one of us) for each leg of the journey down. Apparently they do it for the first passenger on every journey, so if you are booking in advance it’s worth a look. The total for a week’s travel between Auckland – Rotorua – Napier – Wellington for the two of us was $75!

Day one in New Zealand, Auckland.

Day one in New Zealand, Auckland.

After a nap, we headed out to the harbour to get some coffee, ice cream and fresh air. Spotted some giant loungers, and watched the fancy boats coming in. Rob found my inability to cross the road amusing, a slight culture shock after Nepal I think; it took a few weeks to get used to the massive streets and timed pedestrian crossings.


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