Kathamandu: Adventures with Sazzle

The adventure continues and Sarah has arrived to join in with the touristing (and eating and sweating). So far we have attended two yoga classes (one of which was not actual yoga, but just some bloke telling us to relax while he made up the next position, air-cycling), two meditations sessions, eaten approximately 400 momos between us, and confused at least eight locals with our attempts at bartering. It is fun.


We got some culture done by heading out of Kathmandu to the ancient city of Bhaktapur, where to our delight, cars are pretty much banned. It’s not so much the constant dodging of vehicles that has got old fast, but the incessant beeping of horns. It was instant calm within the city walls, despite the intense heat.



The city was full of beautiful old temples and palaces, with some stunning viewpoints. We were also lucky again to see yet more noisy dancing in red, courtesy of the Teej celebrations.



As Nim has not that much time left in Nepal, we headed out to Patan to meet up with the Didis and Aama for some Dal Bhat and catch-up. It was lovely to see them again, and they were laughing lots as they reminisced about the mischief Nim and Rob used to get up to as mini-people.


We are also working our way through the restaurants of Thamel – a favourite being New Orleans Cafe on a Wednesday and Saturday when they have life music from Nepali bands. Sarah has a lovely photo of her unwanted cake getting smooshed into my face on her blog.

Nic & Rob


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