Swayambhunath: A Monkey Touches Rob

In the last week we have been a little bit ill (taking it in turns) and busy exploring, eating and doing touristy things.
DSC_0066 DSC_0092

We took Nim to Syambhunath to see the monkeys and the views over the Kathmandu Valley, which were just as impressive as we remembered.


The walk was hot and tiring but the monkeys were entertaining, and at the top we were treated to a very loud musical procession, as part of the Teej celebrations.
We found the Stupa View Cafe and avoided melting completely, whilst enjoying the views some more. It’s just amazing how far you can see across the valley, even on a misty, end-of-monsoon day.

On the final steps back down towards the dusty ground level of Kathmandu, as we paused to take in the view one last time, a monkey crept up and touched Rob’s leg. It was a little bit intimate, and a little bit hilarious.

Nic & Rob



One thought on “Swayambhunath: A Monkey Touches Rob

  1. Not least because Rob’s headtracher in Kathmandu had to be treated for possible rabies after being bitten by one of those monkeys.

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