Preparing to Leave


In the run up to leaving the UK, Rob and I had a month apart while we stayed with our parents and spent some quality time weeeeeewith family and friends. For Rob, this also meant longer to work, as well as some fun days out with his mum (there is an awesome photo of them on segways in the North Yorkshire countryside near Whitby, which I will aim to stick on here when he’s not watching (edit: found it!).


For me it was more relaxing (sorry Rob!). School was out for summer and so I got a chance to relax properly for the first time in a long time (don’t get me started on the myth of teachers and their oh-so frequent holidays; we are expected to work at home or in school through many of those). I have already mentioned an amazing week in the West Country with my two oldest friends. I also got to spend lots of time with my family, who I have been living in the opposite end of the country to. My hilarious parents, home cooked meals and John Lewis o’clock for cake made the transition back to living a home a breeze.

For my birthday my parents had also bought me a trip to Paris with my mum. I am going to miss a lot about living in the UK, and right below proximity to family and friends is the proximity to Europe, European cities and all of their history and culture.
I have totally taken for granted the luxury that is Eurostar. I will miss that speedy little train that takes me from my parents’ house to the centre of Paris in a few minutes over two hours. That is quite a treat.

So I soaked up the Parisienne atmosphere; walking the Jardin de Luxembourg, hot chocolat at Angelina’s, petit dejeuner at Carette in Places des Vosges, braving the chaos that is Montmartre for the views from the steps of the Sacre Coeur.
On returning to Kent it was time for packing and Rob’s arrival from Yorkshire, before we began the mission of getting to Kathmandu… crazy crazy Kathmandu, where our welcoming words were the pilot telling us we were going to have to loop around for a bit, while they did some maintenance on the runway. More on that next time because we are here and about to be served momos!

Nic & Rob x


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