Girls go to Devon and Somerset


The last of my girls’ holidays (before our big move) was possibly my favourite. My two best friends and I from school (not to make us feel old, but that’s 25 years of being best friends!) 10351319_10101562542131819_8629043504908197652_nhave been long-distance friends since we were 18, and try to meet up together at least once a year. As we’ve grown up, these meet-ups have evolved from daytrips to London, to week long girly retreats. We are hoping that once I’m settled down under we can start making them an international tradition and pick places in the middle.

This time was special though. It began with a surprise, because Laura did not know that Liz and I would be crashing arriving for her engagement party. Tears, Indian food and shots made for a brilliant evening. We then got to start our holiday a few days earlier, exploring the seaside towns of Devon with her and her fiance.

Devon is just beautiful. If NZ does not work out, I think I would be very happy to settle in the West Country.

Then the original plan for our holiday – glamping on a farm near Bath. I had to work a little to convince the other two that this would be a good idea. We are brilliant friends perhaps because of our differences, and these lovely ladies do not seem to share my love of the outdoors (and all the creepy crawlies that come with it). I think that they were actually just humouring me because I am leaving the country, but I’m really glad they did.

I have never stayed in such a posh campsite! At the Farm Camp, we had a wood burner, beds and a candle chandelier. After a minor spider freak-out, the others grew to love it too and we spent a brilliant three days in our own little wilderness. I cooked my best camp food and reckon I might have converted them towards outdoor holidays! All the wine helped too.

DSC_0667        DSC_0696

DSC_0759        DSC_0762


We finished our break with a bit of pampering. Unfortunately, because I will be in Nepal, I will miss Laura’s hen do and wedding later this year (making me a bridesmaid over Skype!). To get a little bit of that hen-do feeling, we decided that a spa day was needed. Luckily we were near one of the original spa towns, Bath, where we spend a glorious morning in the Thermae Spa, enjoying the rooftop pool, before undoing all that good work with cake, Thai food and wine. The perfect end to our girls’ escape.



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