We’re Moving to New Zealand!

Milford Sound
Now that all of our notifications to our employers have been officially made, we can finally start to talk about our next adventure on here. Yes – there is a good reason why we suddenly started updating this website after a few years of down time. Earlier this year we began looking (seriously looking that is, after a long time of hypothesising!) into moving to one of our favourite places from our travels.

Our flights are booked, visas are approved and we are in the midst of a hundred boxes as we pack our lives up yet again.

Next month we will fly to Kathmandu (a close second on our list of favourite places) where we will meet with friends and family for a few weeks. Then we are heading to the mountains to go back and do the complete Annapurna Circuit.Picton

Finally, at the end of October we will be heading to New Zealand. Taking advantage of the end of our twenties, we are going out on Working Holiday Visas, which will allow us to live and work in NZ for the next 12-23 months while we test out life over there. Although the WHV process was a breeze, I’ve been jumping through many hoops to register as a teacher, something which I’ll go into more detail later for anyone in a similar position.

Hopefully it will all pay off, and we will love it there as much as we did when we were just flying through in 2010.


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