Girls go to Whitby

Girls Holiday, Whitby

The girls and I are making the most of another wedding year and every excuse to spend quality time together; catching up, planning, grounding. This time it was my turn to host the party in Yorkshire and I planned a magical mystery tour of the North Yorkshire coast for us to explore.

Whitby is the town that so many of my kids and colleagues visit every holiday and weekend that the sun is shining. I had heard a lot about it but not been since I was a teeny child, promised fish and chips by my Gangan and then getting upset when it was served with mushy peas. I was apparently very easily upset by food as a child. This is not the only story of me loosing my cool 2014-04-15 11.35.39 1over food disappointment.

Eager to avoid such culinary drama I looked ahead and found a hidden woodland lunch spot, Falling Foss Tea Garden.

No tears there, just a beautifully restored cottage serving yummy things in a fantastic location, surrounded by forest and waterfalls.

Our stop for the night was the YHA within the Whitby Abbey grounds, much to the surprise of the girls as we drove through the Abbey courtyard. It was the perfect location for visiting the Abbey, and for walking the 199 steps down into the cobbled town.

Girls Holiday, Whitby

We made the most of the fantastic weather and headed out on a replica of James Cooks’ Endeavour, heading out of the harbour into the choppier waters for some fantastic views back of the town and its Jurassic Fossil Coast. The sailing was a highlight for me, something I’ve not done for a long time, but not so fun for Liz. We headed to the pub afterwards to rest our sea legs before watching the sun set with a take-away Fish and Chips on the steps.


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