Looking Back on 2013: Devon


We ended the summer holidays with a trip to the west country. Two birds with one stone; a chance to see our friends Laura and Dave, and a surprise appearance at my Nana’s 80th birthday celebrations.


Rob and I got the train down a few days before my family were due to arrive, and explored Laura’s corner of the world. Beautiful beaches and warm sunny days. I can see why she likes it there and Rob and I have added Devon to our list of places we might one day like to call home.

There is definitely a different pace of life down there.

My parents and Nana drove down and stopped off for a drink at a National Trust just around the corner from Laura’s house, where we turned up to surprise her (gently). We then headed off together to the big house by the sea that my family had rented for the week (we were just there for the first couple of days – my Nan had several surprise guests over the course of the week, including my uncle and aunt from USA!). It was such a beautiful spot that we really did not want to leave but work was calling us back up north. Not before some serious relaxation on the beach though, enjoying the very last of the summer sun.

Devon 2013


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