Looking Back on 2013: Wales

Arty-Pharty holiday to Wales

The older I get, the luckier I feel that two of my best friends in the world have been my best friends since we were two years old. To be honest, they are more like sisters than friends now and I am so grateful that we’ve been able to stay so close, even while living in opposite corners of the country (London, Yorkshire and Devon).

When Rob and I were planning our wedding, the girlies and I spent a lot more time in the same place, as they came up to help with dress shopping and we spent some lovely, drunken days in the woods for my hen weekend. It was so lovely having them around and so I was determined that we set some time aside for a proper catch up last summer as well.

Arty-Pharty holiday to Wales

I found this gorgeous view online and booked us in for a week, just outside of Menai Bridge in Angelsey.

A week of wine, wild planning and general arty-pharty-ness was exactly what we all needed. It felt like a recharging of my creative batteries, and a complete break from the ‘real world’.

Arty-Pharty holiday to Wales


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