Looking Back on 2013: Switzerland

After the chaos of planning and hosting our wedding, we decided we needed a ‘proper’ holiday; something we’ve not really done before. We’ve certainly traveled a lot together, ever since Rob came out to join me in New York way back in 2005, we’ve been finding new places and cities to add to our bucket list.

The place I had always dreamed to revisit though was Switzerland. I’d been as a teenager with the Girl Guides, and it was my first independent overseas adventure – probably the moment I got hooked on both travel and mountains. One memory stood out to me, of a lazy summer day spent by the edge of a lake, on the top of a mountain. I couldn’t have remembered the name of it, just the view, and had pretty much given up ever going back there again.

Pinterest though had other ideas, and one day whilst searching for mountain-porn on travel boards, I saw it – Oeschinensee (no wonder I couldn’t remember that!).
Day Six - Oeschinensee Rob didn’t need much convincing and we soon had a ten day euro-rail trip planned: around Geneva, Kanderstag and Bern.

Day One - Geneva
Geneva was beautiful.
Day Two - Brig
Brig was beautiful.
Day Two - Kandersteg
Kanderstag was beautiful.
Day Seven - Bern
Bern was beautiful.
Day Three - Neisen
The mountains were beautiful.
Day Three - Speiz
The lakes were beautiful (as was Rob’s planking).

You get the idea… everything you’ve heard about Switzerland is true. It is very expensive, but worth it.


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