Looking Back on 2012

Warning: Photo heavy!

This year has been a biggie, but I’ve hardly had time to stop and rest let alone blog. This was our 2012.

In January and February the wedding planning started, not at all stressful; it was really just an opportunity to spend girly time with my mum and my closest friends.

2012 in photos

In March I made sure I was making time for me – walks around beautiful gardens and an Emmy the Great concert.2012 in photos1

In April it rained, so we went to the beach.

2012 in photos2

May – my birthday month was spent eating cupcakes and training for my first ever 5k run.

2012 in photos3

In June R and I went camping near York, and I had the amazing experience of seeing HH the Dalai Lama speak in Manchester.

2012 in photos4

July: school finished and I headed to Sherwood Forest with the ladies in my life for a pre-wedding send off.

2012 in photos6

And then in August R and I got married, surrounded by family and friends, and followed by a beautiful week in Paris.

2012 in photos5

With the remainder of our year we have laid pretty low, and my camera/phone breaking means I hardly have any photos from the last couple of months. Married life is good though, and we are busy planning our adventures for 2013!


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