The Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains, NSW

After a quick flight to Sydney we caught the train to Katoomba, a town right in the heart of the Blur Mountains. This was somewhere that I had read a lot about and heard from friends about, so I was expecting something with a decent view.

Unfortunately, although we have managed to avoid the flooding so far, we have not escaped the rain. For our first day in the Blue Mountains, all we could see from about five feet in front of us was cloud.
Blue Mountains, NSW

We stayed in the very cute Flying Fox hostel, which was very cosy and full of other people eager to go walking but stuck inside because of the weather – nearly everyone that we spoke to had been or was planning to go trekking in Nepal, so there was plenty to talk about.

Luckily on the second day the rain at least had stopped and we walked the few kms to Echo Point where we had our packed lunch and giggled at all the tourists staring off the view point into the clouds, hoping to see something, anything.
Blue Mountains, NSW
As if by magic, as soon as we were getting ready to leave and head back the sun came out and the clouds began to disappear, and we got to see the view that everyone had come for, looking out over the Three Sisters rock formation and across the very hazy valley.
Blue Mountains, NSW
The nice weather didn’t last long and we spent our final day in the artsy town of Leura, wandering around galleries and avoiding the rain, coming up with get-rich-quick schemes for our return home! Although we weren’t blown away by our first impressions, when it came to leave Katoomba we were both a little sad, not looking forward to the end of the trip, and not really looking forward to going back to Sydney which wasn’t our favourite Australian city. Luckily Sydney has been way better the second time around. More on that later though,

Nic & Rob


One thought on “The Blue Mountains

  1. Beautiful photos, despite the weather! Looks a fascinating place. Hope you are settling back okay after such amazing travels, it must be hard x Take care .& very best wishes to you both x

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