Alice Springs!

Alice Springs

We’ve fallen very behind on our travels. Arriving back at Becca & Bob’s house on Christmas

Eve meant that we were straight into the Christmas, New Years, Rob’s Birthday rush and have only just resurfaced!

We started in Adelaide, catching the Ghan train all the way up to Alice Springs, a journey that took about 25 hours. Having YHA cards meant that we got a massive discount on our seats (well worth the ten quid before we left the UK) but limited us to the cheap seats. On the way up though it was pretty comfortable, and we both managed to sleep quite well. The seats reclined almost all the way back and there was so much room in front that you hardly noticed everyone else doing the same.

To avoid going mad from sitting in the same place, and looking at pretty much the same view for the whole journey, we spent an extra $10 each to use the Red lounge where we had free tea, coffee and fruit, and could charge up the netbook to watch films. Definitely worth it.
The Ghan
The views were amazing, but as I said, repetitive once we got beyond the towns. For a good eighteen hours it was just flat bushland, although it made for some incredible sunset photos.

Annie’s Place, our hostel in Alice was great. Arriving there signaled the end of the strange cold weather and I was glad I had booked somewhere with a pool as it was very hot. We spent the first day swimming and relaxing after three days of train travel.
Alice Springs
We had been told by various people that a trip to Uluru was not really worth the travel and expense unless we had more time (which we didn’t), so instead we opted for just a day tour of the West Macdonnell ranges. We went with Emu tours and had a very funny driver and tour guide for the day. Even just a couple of hours outside of Alice Springs, the rock formations and views were amazing, and we got to do a little bit of hiking and swimming in the water holes.

And that was about it for our time in the Northern Territory. While we were in Alice, The Ghan had headed up to Darwin and then made its was back where we got back on for another 25 hours to Adelaide in time for Christmas.

Lot’s more with photos to come soon. A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone, and a big thanks for the lovely messages we got.

Nic & Rob x


One thought on “Alice Springs!

  1. Nicola and Rob,
    We know your trip isn’t finished yet but wanted to thank you for sharing your journey with all of us, the interesting stories and the beautiful photos. You’ve made us want to put our traveling shoes on again! We will miss your blog! Enjoy the rest. A.Liz & U.John
    PS Belated happy b to Rob.

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