Melbourne & Muse

melbourneOur third stop in Australia, we had a ten ½ hour train ride from Adelaide to Melbourne to get here. Our transport in Oz is a mixture of cheap flights and the Great Southern Railway. This first leg of the GSR was the Overland and has been going for well over a hundred years. Luckily it was pretty comfortable and we kept ourselves entertained for the trip.

We spent most of our time here wandering about, enjoying the sunshine and sights. There is a free city circle tram which was a slow but interesting way to get about, and we even got a bit of shopping done. Unfortunately we arrived at the wrong time and missed the Neighbours pub night, although I’m not sure that Rob would have actually come with me – spoil sport! We really liked the atmosphere here, wider streets, friendlier people, and so much cheaper than Sydney.

Yesterday the good weather broke and so we had to find something other than the beach to do, so headed to Captain Cook’s house. Bit of a let down  as it had been on the list of free things to do when they actually charged, but from the outside it was clearly a house from Yorkshire, which had been moved stone by stone to Australia, making it the oldest house in the country. Sort of.

We then headed to the Australia Centre for Moving Images (or something like that) which was free and pretty entertaining. Lots of interesting bits of trivia about Australian film industry and hands on activities. We also saw a very odd short film called The Raft, where about fifteen people are filmed in slow motion as they get knocked down by a powerful water hose.

melbourne melbourne melbourne

Finally, our time in Melbourne was wrapped up with Rob’s Surprise – something that I have managed to keep from him for six months, despite telling everyone else that we know! Wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep it a secret once we got here, especially when we walked by a group of people wearing Muse t-shirts on our way there. Luckily he was totally oblivious and didn’t see anything until we got to the arena. Well worth the pre-planning as they looked to be completely sold out. The concert was absolutely amazing, such a great show and luckily Rob enjoyed it.


Today we head out of Melbourne, a little way west to meet up my friend Jude. We met through a penpal club when we were ten and have kept in touch ever since, so it will be very odd to finally meet her after fifteen years!

Nic & Rob


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