In South Australia

After a very short flight from Sydney to Adelaide (which was almost as long as the one from NZ) we rushed into the terminal to see Rob’s sister Becca waiting for us – first time we’ve seen her for over three years! Luckily she recognised Rob even with his scary wild-man beard.

We stayed with Becca, her husband Bob and their adorably entertaining pets for a week, and it has been so nice to rest and catch up with her. We’ve loved seeing where they live and work (we got to help out in the sweet shop for an afternoon – so much fun!).

Becca had told us that she had a surprise for our arrival, which was the adorable Ollie – the most mischievous and cute kitten I have ever DSC_0023seen. We spent most of our mornings laughing at him pouncing, at his toys, my pen, Rob’s feet, and then his new favourite toy; the Christmas Tree.

As promised (although I did try and talk him out of it at the last minute) the Beard has been shaved off, now that Becca and Bob have seen it. Shame Luckily there were no visible tan lines where it had been, although I think Rob had a lot of fun shaving it in stages.

For the weekend we spent with them, Becca and Bob organised for us all to go to the town of Morgan, a tiny holiday spot on the River Murray. It was so peaceful and beautiful there, and we had a few days there to enjoy the weather (finally sunshine!) although we saw a lot more of the river than is apparently normal, as it had flooded the holiday park where we stayed only a couple of days earlier and was still very high.
Another feature of the town was a big old quarry where Bob took Rob (very confusing) out to try 4x4ing going up steep hills and back down into creeks, also speeding through water as there was a lot more than there normally was. Rob also got a chance to have a go at Bob’s motorbike and took it round a local off-road oval just before the quarry, but not on the quarry as was his first time on a proper bike. Photos of it looked very cool, but Becca and I decided to be wimps and enjoyed the sun and craftiness (still working on a scarf for when we get home to cold cold England).

While in Morgan we got to experience some proper Aussie grub (on the BBQ of course) and by chance were in town for their annual Christmas fair, with stalls, music and a parade of Christmas floats going through the main road. It is still quite surreal to be preparing for Christmas when it is so hot, but seeing giant Santas and moody kids dressed up in costumes  helps!
Now we are back on the road, in Melbourne (more about that next time). Another ten days to see more of south and central Australia before we arrive back at Becca & Bob’s in time for Christmas.

Nic & Rob


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