Christchurch to Sydney

Not been able to update for a while as rubbish internet in our rubbish hostel, so we are still all the way back in Christchurch.


Our last stop in New Zealand was a pretty brief one. Just enough time to get all of our things together and ready to fly to Australia. We did get a chance to see some of the highlights though, Cathedral Square being the focal point of the city, and wandering along the River Avon and Gardens. It is a very English-styled city, but it didn’t feel like England. It was odd to see all of the English references though, pubs and street names. The earthquake damage was a little odd; at times hardly noticeable but some of the streets near where we were staying we very badly affected and there were a lot of condemned buildings (luckily ours was fine).

And then it was time for our flight to Australia – surprisingly short. We were excited to be on our way to see Becca, but it was odd leaving New Zealand. Even more odd when we got to Sydney and had to deal with the massive volume of people. I suffered culture shock on a par with our first few days in Delhi. It didn’t help that Sydney is so expensive, leaving us in a pretty grotty 8-bed dorm. We don’t really have anything nice to say about where we stayed, but once we got out and about in the city Sydney ended up being much nicer.


We spent our first day at Darling Harbour, feeling daunted and hot but enjoying the more Christmassy feel. Rob spent his leaving pressie-money from work on the Sydney Aquarium, which was really great. Saw some amazing fish, mermaids and sharks and we had a lot of fun, and everyone nearby had a laugh when I got scared by the animatronic Shark.


The next couple of days were spent in the more obvious tourist sites; The Rocks where some of the original settlements were. That was really cool and there was a great market on and we spent a long time watching sweets (lollies) being made and getting to sample them. We also walked (a lot!) around the bridge, opera house and botanic gardens, getting lots of great views and some red noses (we still haven’t got the hang of this sun burn thing).


Armed with some mini-cupcakes from the market we headed into the suburbs last night to meet up with a friend from Leeds, Anna. Had a great evening drinking wine and catching up over a very yummy Aussie BBQ style meal. A highlight of the Australian leg of our trip is definitely getting to catch up with some friendly faces.#


And now today, after checking out of our hostel we are waiting to fly to Adelaide where we finally get to see Becca – yea!

Nic & Rob


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