Loving Wellington: part 2


While we have reliable internet and can upload photos, a quick note to join them. Had a great time at the Botanic Gardens. There are some amazing views over the Wellington Harbour and city centre. Of course we had to get the famous cable car shot too. We rode the cable car up and then back down into the city, and it’s cool to see that it’s used by commuters and students as part of their daily route, although not surprised they’d want to skip walking up that hill!

We have also spent far too much time in Borders lamenting the high cost of books over here; strike one against New Zealand!


4 thoughts on “Loving Wellington: part 2

  1. Hey there,

    been busy reading your adventures, and wanted to update you on the baby progress, it’s a girl, florence born 2.22 gmt today. she’s also the most amazing thing ive ever seen, love dave, tracy and florence x

    • Oh My GOSH! Congratulations Dave & Tracy! That’s such brilliant news, we were just thinking of you yesterday (today? weird time). I cannot wait to meet Florence, please send photos soon!


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