Loving Wellington

So once I was more properly dressed for the definite spring weather, and the sun came out we went from liking to loving Wellington. We had a fun day of wandering around and getting our bearings in the city centre on Sunday. We checked all of the really important things off of our list that it must have if we are to live here; near the sea, a good library, BORDERS (it still exists here), wagamama, good coffee shops… I think that’s it – we are pretty easy to please!
Yesterday we headed out of the city to meet up with Sarah (ChezLee) who had very kindly offered to show us her bit of Wellington and chat to us about her own move over here from the UK. We had such a fun day with her and her daughters (who won us over instantly, not that I get broody easily or anything!). We headed for lunch at Lyall Bay, a surfer’s beach just outside of the city. Amazing views and food, followed by a relax on the beach while Rob and Sarah’s middle daughter, Sophie played with a mini-kite. Definitely a life I could get used to.


After lunch we headed to the Weta Cave to see where the Lord of the Rings magic was made – a geeky wish fulfilled. The museum/cave is Wellingtonpretty tiny but crammed full of armour, costumes and models of the work that they have done. We wandered around with Sophie, who said she was “not scared; they’re funny” about the actually quite scary figures of orcs. Rob and I saw a quick presentation about the work they have done on other films and the film industry in NZ, and then met up with Sarah and baby Alice who was giggling at the scary monsters too – brave girls!

While we had planned to head back to the city centre then, we were won over by the sound of the Chocolate Fish cafe, and tagged along for a final drink and cake by yet another beautiful bay in the suburbs. It really does feel as if the whole of Wellington is just right by the coast.

So this is our last day, we are having a lazy morning of reading and enjoying the sunshine before heading up the cable car for some more views and an explore of the Botanic Gardens. Far too early tomorrow we will be heading south by ferry for the next part of our NZ adventure, starting in Picton, South Island.

Nic & Rob x


2 thoughts on “Loving Wellington

  1. So WONDERFUL to meet you yesterday! It was such a lovely day and little Alice conked out to a late nap as soon as I got home 🙂

    I’ve just been scrolling through the photos and scan reading all your travels. This is such a beautiful way to preserve all your memories as you make them, as well as share them with all your loved ones in the UK. I have signed up to receive e-mail updates of your new posts so I shan’t miss out in future!

    Thank you Rob for taking the most wonderful photos of Sophie yesterday – you were impressively speedy with your shutter reflexes given the speed she was moving 😉

    I will link up to your blog with a post soon.

    Wishing you all the very best with your onward travels and really hope to see you back in Welly in the not too distant future!

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