Bumper Update Post

Sorry for the absence of updates recently, we have been very busy here in the North Island of New Zealand. I’ll try and update in order but I might need another coffee to make everything make sense!


RotoruaOn our last day in Roto-vegas (as the locals call it!) we went to the Redwood forest just outside of the town and did a walk through the forest, ooohing and aaaaahing at the massive trees and trying to avoid the group of Chinese tourists who wanted us to join in their nature walk/ outdoor aerobics session. We walked back to town from there which took just over an hour and the help of a lovely man who was walking his dog and told us all about living there.


After some lunch we wandered down to the Rotorua Arts Village, where we were promised some amazing origami. It was good, but actually not as good as some of Rob’s work so that was a little disappointing, or maybe it just means that he should make a career of it. Or just move to Japan, as later that evening we attended a sushi party where he received a job offer from the town’s Sushi chef. One of the long-termers at our hostel was moving so they bought a load of ingredients and we were all taught how to make sushi rolls – Rob turned out to be a natural, so he is now my personal sushi chef.

Palmerston North
Palmerston North
The next day we headed to Palmy, to meet up with my friend Kylie who I had worked with in Connecticut five years ago. She had kindly said we could stay with her family and it was so lovely to catch up with her properly and to meet them all. As it was Guy Fawkes her brother had bought some fire works and we set them off and had sparklers in their garden, lots of fun. It was really nice to be in a family home after so much time in hotels.Palmerston North

On Saturday we drove out to a viewpoint at a wind farm and experienced some true kiwi-weather (a bit of everything) before going out for a really nice lunch. Rob and I are liking it here more and more. Kylie and her family we really good at answering some of our questions, and her mum does a lot of work with SEN children in the area so it was great getting some idea of the opportunities here.


Now we are in windy Welly, which was just plain cold welly last night when we arrived. Our hostel is much more chaotic than where we have stayed before, but with the sun out this morning I am liking it much more. Rob is a big fan too, so our plan of coming back to work here next year is still looking like a good one. We have visited the Te Papa museum and now have to go buy jeans so that my legs don’t freeze and fall off!

More soon,

Nic & Rob x


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