We’re in NZ!

This is pretty much the halfway point of our trip – we are in Auckland New Zealand, and despite a little jetlag, we are loving it so far.

The biggest city in NZ is smaller than I imagined it to be, and reminds me of a quieter, sunnier, cleaner, by-the-sea Leeds. It was very funny to step off the plane and Rob remarked straight away on how it smells like England. In a good way, like coffee and cold air. The lack of humidity is so nice, although we both get the shivers whenever we step into the shade, it’s actually around 18C.
Yesterday we were pretty tired and disorientated, having left our resort in Phi Phi on Friday, flown to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday and arrived early afternoon on Sunday. We walked from our Studio (not as fancy as it sounds, but still pretty big – so strange cooking and doing our own washing!) to the city centre and explored the Quay where all the million dollar yachts are kept.

Today we intended to do a lot more, but we made it to the (main/only) tourist spot of the Auckland Skytower, realised that the camera didn’t have a card in it, Rob got very tired, I got very snotty (thanks R for sharing the cold) and so we grabbed sandwiches and went back to the room to rest for a bit! We are back out again now in the arts- fartsy suburb of Parnell, drinking coffee and enjoying the free wifi. Rob is drooling at all of the fancy cars that keep driving past (Auckland must be home to NZ’s richest) and I am trying to update my NaNoWriMo word count. I’ll try and put a little tracker on the blog somewhere, but for now I am up to the rather slow 550/50,000.

Tomorrow we start our big New Zealand adventure, and get the coach to Rotorua where we hope to see the hot-springs and have a go at Zorbing (throwing ourselves down a hill in giant clear plastic balls). And maybe, (maybe maybe maybe) we will go to Hobbiton and see the Hobbit Holes and Party Tree!


Nic & Rob


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