Koh Phi Phi

koh phi phiApologies for the lack of updates this week – we’ve been hanging out on yet another practically deserted island it was really tough. We flew from Koh Samui last week to Phuket, where we stayed in a massive room in the middle of nowhere. We had three hospitals within walking distance, but no restaurants or sign of any other tourists at all – there was a Tesco though.

koh phi phiIt didn’t really matter as we only needed to stay there before getting the morning boat to Koh Phi Phi (and we’re back there again tonight before we head out to Kuala Lumpur and then NZ tomorrow). It took about two hours by boat to get to the island, and we sat up top drinking tea and meeting a couple of cool guys from Switzerland and Mexico who ended up joining us at our resort (Rob’s beach tennis buddies). We were staying on the far side from the main town, as we had done in Koh Phangan, but as Phi Phi is so much smaller, we were still within walking distance of the shops, restaurants and bars.

koh phi phiPhi Phi is beautiful, and the water is so clear, but it is a lot more expensive because it is so popular. We spent a couple of days relaxing and snorkelling around the resort while the sun shone. When it was rainy/cloudy we headed into town (not the best idea as we had to walk through a rain forest – which is like walking through a cloud and we got drenched!). We also took a boat trip from our resort to various snorkelling points around Phi Phi Leh (the smaller island where they filmed The Beach). Maya Bay, the one from The Beach where Leo lived was a little spoiled and all we could see underwater was the occasional plastic wrapper which was a shame. There were a couple of beautiful lagoons though, which although crowded were so clear and full of fish.
koh phi phi

Thailand has been a great chance to relax, and we’ve both enjoyed being lazy on the beach for a couple of weeks – very ready now to head to New Zealand. As some of you may know I am a little excited about this particular country and have been talking about going there for … a while! We will of course be trying to stalk our way into small roles in the upcoming Hobbit movie; here’s hoping Peter Jackson is in the phone book.

Nic & Rob x


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