Beach Time

koh phanganWe’ve nearly finished here in Koh Phangan; it’s floated by in a haze of relaxation. We have been staying on the remote Thansadet beach, which takes a bit of work to get to (or leave it seems!) but is the ultimate beach retreat.

koh phanganWe were given an amazing room, with a view over the whole beach from our balcony, and out to sea from the other windows. After a little too much sun on the first day, I’ve spent a lot of time alternating between reading and day-dreaming in the hammock on our balcony, and we’ve both enjoyed lots of swimming in the sea. It isn’t as clear as some places in Thailand, about a metre, but it gets very deep quickly and so is great for floating about.

koh phanganThere are only about ten other people staying here, plus a few young children, which has meant we have quite often had at least half a beach to ourselves. Two… interesting neighbours have been the monitor lizard (about 1-2 m long) and the giant pig, the second of which decided to run at me when I was lying on my towel reading. I jumped up in time for it to walk all over my sarong, and then try to run off with the sun lotion in it’s mouth – luckily I managed to hit it on the bum with my book and it dropped the lotion and ran off. I’m sure it looked pretty funny to anyone watching.

Yesterday we headed up to the Thansadet waterfall – there are three but when we started walking it felt far too much like trekking so we only actually visited one! It was in the jungle and surrounded by little pools of water which were refreshing to swim in (as in freezing cold).

The tide has been a little erratic today; not sure why, but we didn’t stay in the water for long – Rob managed to stand on a sea urchin and required first aid. All good now though.

koh phangan

We are both looking forward to heading to Phuket and Phi Phi at the weeken, although I’m sure it will have change a bit since Rob was last there.

Nic & Rob


3 thoughts on “Beach Time

    • Aw we love you sazzle – wish you could see it for real, it is soooooo beautiful.

      Thanks for the linkage – I am so sad about the news right at the bottom… if they don’t start filming until Feb then I won’t get to be a Hobbit. Won’t stop me stalking Peter Jackson though. Reckon he’s in the NZ phone directory?

  1. Update! Update! What the hell have you guys been up to?! I know they won’t start filming until later now but at least they’ve decided to keep it in NZ…

    Nai’s coming up this weekend – we’re planning a girly night in on Saturday and WILL MISS YOU! Don’t worry though, I’ll be eating Chilli Heatwave doritoes on your behalf.

    LOVE YOU GUYS! xxx

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