Concluding Kathmandu

Right, a break was needed after all that typing up of our trek! My hands are rested and so we’ll try and catch you up to what we have been doing. We had a slow but uneventful (and nice for it) journey back to Kathmandu, where we spent a few days sorting out photos, laundry and limping around Thamel while our trekking muscles healed.
We also headed to the British Embassy Graveyard where Rob’s Dad is buried. It was pretty easy to find, although we had to ask for directions from the British council, where the most uninformative information guy worked, in a strangely familiar building. We asked if he could point us in the right direction, he just smiled and said no. Great work there. As we were leaving it clicked that the building looked like a modern GP surgery; a weird sight in the middle of Kathmandu. We carried on walking up the same road and came across the graveyard pretty soon; it was a nice garden space in the middle of the city. There was a family living there who were obviously keeping it all in good condition, and we wandered for a bit and enjoyed the calm surroundings.100_2189

Heading back to the hotel we made arrangements to meet up with Rob and Rebecca’s school friend, Dawa who is working in Thamel. In typical timing we met for dinner on our final night in Nepal, where we all went to an amazing hidden restaurant and were treated to some really tasty and interesting local specialities (like goat lung).

We have both loved being in Kathmandu, and it is definitely somewhere we will go back to in the future. But now it is time to head to Bangkok!

Nic & Rob


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