Country number three!  It took two flights and a whole day of travel to get here but we are now in Thailand; a new furthest ever point east for me, and a return to Bangkok for Rob.

It is so strange to suddenly be in such a modern city, and we were both a little nervous of the taxi-driver’s speed. In reality though, he was only doing what I normally do on the motorway – two months of bumpy roads and maximum 40km/hour has made us slow! It didn’t take long (at such speed!) to get to our new hotel, where a lovely receptionist met us with an umbrella as Thailand is still in monsoon. Our room is so nice, and we could really get used to having constant hot water and electricity!
We will be here for just a few days before heading south to Koh Phangan for our post-trek holiday. We have spent the last couple of days exploring the local area andDSC_0031walking to a couple of sites including the democracy monument and a couple of Wats(temples).

Today we made a big trip to Wat Pho, apparently the most sacred Buddhist site in Bangkok. Despite several people telling us it was closed on the way there, our time in India has taught us to just keep walking, and we arrived to find it quiet but


open.  It was an amazing, massive site with several large temples and insane number of golden stupas and Buddha statues.  We spent a couple of hours wandering around taking photos and saw the 2 main attractions; the reclining Buddha and the large central temple with a massive Buddha and disciples all in gold.

We had heard of the reclining Buddha before but couldn’t believe the size of it. The feet were intricately decorated with mother of pearl.

We have really been getting into the Thai food and today had a feast of a meal with green chicken curry chicken satay sticks and sweet and sour chicken, Nic ordered a separate order of tofu in spicy coconut soup all of this with two fresh fruit shakes and three portions of rice for around £5. Even after this massive meal, we walked past an ice cream parlour and decided to stop in for dessert on the way back to our hotel.  Were we ordered some huge sundaes with cookies and cream, sticky chocolate and road at heart chocolate ice-cream. (see picture and picture of menu on flikr to understand the immensity of these).  After this (and feeling a little ill and on a major sugar rush) we waddled back to our hotel.

100_2224 100_2226 DSC_0163

We are taking an organized tour tomorrow, the first of our trip to visit the floating market and Rose Garden, so a nice early start for us. Then on Saturday we have a fun overnight coach trip to the south, followed by a (hopefully smooth) catamaran boat ride across to the Eastern Thai islands. I’m a little nervous, but popped into Boots (among the oddest of sights here) and got some travel sickness tablets that the pharmacist said should just knock me out for the trip. Sounds good to me!

Nic & Rob


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