We are still in Pokhara(!) so I tracked down an internet cafe to share with you what we have been getting up to. We were meant to be flying to Jomsom today, but that airport is closed, and so after spending nearly five hours in the cafe watching the most terrifyingly small planes land from Kathmandu (and playing stupid amounts of uno) we were sent back to our lovely hotel. We seem to be making a habit of this failure to leave places!

So the last few days. Our journey from Kathmandu was nicely uneventful, although we were quite happy to be held up a little at the landslide site so that we could get some pictures. We couldn’t believe how far back we had been stuck, and how massive the boulder that was still there was. I was glad to be on the boulder side as we drove past, so I couldn’t see how narrow the gap we went through was (but Rob was kind enough to tell me!).

Got some amazing views of the Nepali countryside from the coach too, and met up with some old friends from our last (attempted) trip, and some new people from our hotel, including the lovely Amber who was crazy enough to spend a couple of days sightseeing with us in Pokhara. She has a travel blog here if you want to read about someone mad enough to do the full circuit!

Over the last couple of days we have been to a Nepal culture show (and managed to avoid the dreaded audience participation), Rob has paddled us around in a boat on the Lake Phewa Tal (where we both got a little sunburnt), and yesterday we ran around town to get our permits sorted, before heading with Amber to Devi Falls. The biggest rainstorm I have ever seen then started (and is kind of still going this morning/afternoon!) and somehow, on the walk back I managed to catch the sun even further! It was a great day though and we got a load of walking done, making us both feel a little more confident about the trek.

We were all set and mentally prepared for it, but it looks like our plans will have to change a little from here, depending on whether we are able to get there over the weekend or early next week. It already looks as if we will have to miss out the journey to Muktinath, at the top of the Annapurna circuit, but we can add to the end of the journey if we have time by doing part of the Sanctuary trek – just can’t afford to be getting back to Kathmandu late for our Bangkok flight! All of our emergency days seem to be getting used!

Hopefully have good news about it all tomorrow,

Nic & Rob


3 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. If you’ve had a longer than normal rain storm – then that might herald the end of monsoon! If so the clouds should clear and you’ll be able to fly. I hope that’s the case and you get off on your trek.

  2. Good luck guys! I hope the above commenter is right and you’ll be on your merry way soon. Though from the sound of it, good times are still afoot – Nepal sounds like a dream… The photos are INCREDIBLE as always, and I can’t wait now until me and uinny get our act together and see far-off places together!

    I keep forgetting but soon I’ll send you photos of our new place. It’s bloody lovely! We’ve got TWO bookcases and room for a table and chairs – you’ve got to come for Maliks when you get back. Bring all your photos on USB and you can do a presentation of The World Accoring To Nic And Rob! xxx

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