We’re alive in Varanasi!

Taj Mahal
So, been away for a few days. We didn’t have internet in Agra, there wasn’t much at all in Agra to be honest apart from the Taj, which was amazing. We expected it to be amazing though, so it lived up up to the promise. We spent a lovely evening there waiting for dusk, and trying to ignore the groups of Indian boys wanting my photo. Getting a bit weird. Don’t know if was more annoyed by the fact that they usually took one anyway, even when we said no, or the fact that Rob was the one asked for permission.

We laid low in Agra, mainly because I was still under the weather and we are both now fully recovered, which is a relief, even if it took an extra kick of the antibiotics. We both got loads of reading and relaxing done so not many photos for once. I do have a load left over from Udaipur though which I will have to put up soon.
Taj Mahal
Last night we had our longest train journey so far, a 15 hour train from Agra to Varanasi. Combined with a lot of waiting for lifts at either end, we worked out we spent 30 hours from checking out in Agra to checking in with our bags in Varanasi. So a little bit knackered, although we both managed to sleep on the train this time (without me throwing up, disturbing us both!)

It’s chaotic here, a little more than most places we’ve been in India so far, but it seems like once we get a hang of the winding alleys and ghats we should be just fine. Tomorrow we will try and catch a rickshaw to the ruins of Sarnath, which I am quite excited about. Should be pretty amazing as there are Buddhist shrines there dating back to 200BC!


One thought on “We’re alive in Varanasi!

  1. OMIGOD! OMIGOD! It looks AMAZING! Glad you’re back to full health (like in a video game). What are the train journey’s like – packed? rickety? other? I can’t read the word ‘Agra’ without my mind going ‘Aaaaaaaaagraaaaaaaa’! You should get some reprints of that photo I took of you after you’d dyed your hair, sign them, and sell them to the locals. Good way to make some spending money methinks!

    News here: WE MOVED! It was sad without you but out new flat is freaking beautiful (you should see the bookshelf – SWOON!). Photos soon, once we’re properley unpacked. Nai and Liz are coming up at Halloween and we’re having a Wakey weekend – we’ll miss you then as well! Poppy has HAD HER CHILD and she is lovely :o)

    Off to gaze longingly at your Flikr photos… I’m sure work won’t mind.

    LOVE xxxxxxxxxxxx

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