Resting in Udaipur

Room with a view, Udaipur
So our minor Delhi belly turned out to be a nasty Jaipur belly. Sarah, you asked whether there was anything was anything to rival our beloved Maliks. Well we tried the Paneer Passanda at our hotel to compare it with my all time favourite, and while neither of us were impressed with the taste,  it’s the only dish we’ve both eaten and so our main suspect for whatever bacteria is hitching a ride across Rajasthan with us.

We had to abandon our plans to see Jantar Mantar in Jaipur yesterday in favour of crawling under the sheets in cold sweats. Fun times.  Luckily there are four out of the original five Jantar Mantars still standing, including ones in Varanasi and Delhi, so hopefully we will get a chance to see one of them. They are the world’s oldest observatories and are able to accurately tell the time and predict eclipses.
Room with a view, Udaipur

After an extended stay in our hotel room (we paid for an extra half day) we left to catch our night train to Udaipur. It’s the first time I’ve ever been on a sleeper, and although the 1st class cabins were nice enough, other facilities were a lot more basic. We were sharing with a lovely couple from Cyprus, on their way to a wedding. Rob says they were called George and Ellen, but I can’t confirm as I was pretty out of it at the time. I went straight to sleep although Rob hardly did at all, and I had to disturb him at a very early hour when I managed to do my typical reaction to illness and went all faint in the corridor.

Our first impressions of Udaipur are very good. It’s so much quieter and more like what we expected India to be like beyond the cities. We splurged a little on the room, as we are staying in the budget places everywhere else, and on the advice of the Lonely Planet I requested room 31. Definitely a good idea. We have the most amazing views over Lake Pichola, and the Lake Palace, which is great seeing as today was Rob’s turn to feel worse and so we stayed in for most of the day. I can’t think of nicer surroundings to be ill in! (all the photos in this post are views from our window)
Room with a view, Udaipur

We did wander out for a bit of ‘safe’ food at a German bakery along our road, where we nibbled at a cinnamon roll, and I was nearly charged at by a cow.

On returning we both admitted that we weren’t feeling any better and it was time to try a stronger approach. The super helpful owner/manager organised for someone to go out and get us some antibiotics. All very weird, he copied the name of the drug out of the Lonely Planet and delivered it to our door with verbal instructions. The packets have ‘prescription only’ written all over them but I checked online and it all matches up – hopefully we will survive!

It’s hard not to be a bit frustrated that there are so many things we want to see and can’t, but we know that we have to get better properly so that we can enjoy the rest of the trip. A few days will not make much difference in the end!

Love Nic & Rob


4 thoughts on “Resting in Udaipur

  1. WOW the pics are amazing, the views must be even more spectacular to see them for real.
    Hope you both get better soon

  2. You were bound to pick something up along the way – at least you will get it over and done with now and hopefully you’ll be trouble free then. Hope the antibiotics do the trick. Let me know if they don’t and I’ll try long distance diagnosis!!

    Meanwhile the views from your room across the lake look wonderful. xx

  3. Great Blog, very well written. We are all enjoying your adventure and its only been 5 days, 120 odd days of excitement to look forward too. Also interesting reading the ‘comments’, rock on Sazzle!
    Udaipur looks interesting, recognized it from the James Bond movie (Roger Moore, Octopussy). As you said, not a bad place to have to recover from a little Tom and Dick.
    Get well soon.

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