We’re leaving! (on a jet plane)

Getting ready to leave!

I can’t quite believe that we are going tomorrow! Everything is packed and ready to go, and now we have a slightly relaxing final wait as our flight isn’t until tomorrow evening. I have done the obligatory pose with bag shot, but Rob was a little reluctant – I’ll get plenty of him with his backpack on over the next few months!

I have to admit at this point that although I’ve done the whole living out of a backpack thing before, I might be a little rusty as Rob had to completely repack my bag;  hopefully he won’t hold that against me too much, I’m sure I’ll be an expert again in no time!

Thanks to everyone for your good lucks and well wishes; we are both very excited and can’t wait to begin this adventure. We are especially looking forward to meeting up with friends and family later along the way, but for now we can only prepare ourselves for the heat and humidity of Delhi.

Nic x

Getting ready to leave!


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