Lunch at Carette

So while Rob is up in Yorkshire sorting and packing and re-packing, my Mum and I made a detour trip to Paris for the day. I am lucky that my parents live just a couple of miles from Ebbsfleet International – the name is hilarious seeing as Ebbsfleet is pretty much a made up place, and the International part is just plain silly! What is does mean though is that we are two hours by Eurostar from the centre of Paris, making daytrips ridiculously easy.

We’ve both been to Paris before and so I tried to pick places to visit that we hadn’t seen previously, and so ended up in the adorable courtyard gardens and galleries of Place des Vosges and Marais. We had an amazing lunch and cake-fix at Patisserie Carette and explored Victor Hugo’s house (for free!) before heading down to the Seine and walking along the beach that is created there every August.


We then caught the bus along the river, passing Notre Dame and the Louvre and getting off at the Musée d’Orsay – which was unfortunately stupidly busy. We headed then for the Rodin, which my Mum recommended, and was really interesting. I was pretty chuffed with the fact that as an under-26 I am a youth and got in free! We wandered and took photos of statues (Rodin was definitely a bum-man).

Our last stop was La Fayette, one of the best department stores in Paris, where we headed straight for the rooftop terrace for the view and a drink before wandering back to Gare Du Nord for our train home.
View from La Fayette

It was a fantastic day and I am now in the mood for travel (well I pretty much was already!) and can’t wait for Rob to get here next week so we can get started – 11 days to go!


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