one month to go!

The final countdown begins. I’m sure I’ve been annoying people since the number was in the hundreds so it’s good to be so close now. Anyway, I’ve begun handing this address out as the way to keep in contact with Rob and I while we are away, so I thought I have better put something on here!

We have been busy finishing work and packing away our lives in Yorkshire. All seventeen boxes of books are now stacked and ready to go, the rest of the house is getting there. Priorities. I finished work yesterday which was both sad but a massive milestone, after which I partied with Sarah to the sound of the amazing Regina Spektor.

We are just waiting on one final confirmation from the Indian Consulate that we will be able to re-enter after visiting Nepal (their rules on tourist visas changed about six months ago) and then we are good to go! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

A very rough itinerary of our next six months: August/September in India, September/October in Nepal, October in Thailand, November in New Zealand, December/January in Australia. Once we are on the move the links above will work so if you are only interested in seeing what we got up to in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, then you can just select that.

That is about all for now, feel free to leave a comment for us – as I said this will be our main point of contact for a while!

Nic xxx


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